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Project review: Habits 1

Over the past weeks I've been doing a small bit of work on a habit tracking app. There was no major goal in mind with this project other than to try expose myself to some new technologies. Many of which ended up getting their own posts on this site such as rooms one to many objects.

I have a full time job and interests outside of writing code so I only tried to do a little bit a few times a week. Sometimes I spent as little as 10 minutes on getting something committed, other sessions were longer. But the result was still the same. By doing these small batches of work a few times a week I was able to get exposed to more ways of solving problems that I wouldn't necessarily have come across in work.

When you work in a codebase for long enough you can forget that there are new things happening all of the time outside of the comfort of your known project. An Android developer could potentially have worked in a single company for the last 10 years and have had no exposure to Kotlin or even Fragments if they were never introduced. That may sound impossible to most reading this but I would wager it is almost certainly true somewhere.

Where the apps at, where its going

The first goal was to achieve CRUD functionality. That is to create, read, update and delete habits. Habits can be marked as achieved and historic days seen. Thats about it currently. It doesn't sound like much, and it isn't. But I still learned plenty just from using technologies or APIs I don't use in work such as Navigation.

I am currently working through a Jetpack Compose course so haven't spent any time on the Habit app recently though I do hope to come back to it to add some final features and give it a polish.

  1. Add "Streak" functionality to achieved habits
  2. Convert it to Jetpack Compose
  3. Work on some basic animations
  4. Give it a nice UI

That is my plan at least. What is yours ?